About Me

All Things Swindon Town is precisely what it said on the tin. This blog will be used to express my opinion and at times vent my frustrations on current affairs at the home of football; otherwise known as the County Ground.

I am aiming to attend at least ten away games and for that, I will complete reviews from the stadium itself to the places to enjoy those all important beverages.

Less about the blog and more about myself. I'm Rosie and from the beautiful town of Swindon. Okay, it isn't beautiful but is still my hometown.

I stick to my local team, whilst most people these days claim to 'support' Man United or Chelsea. I say 'support' but what I actually mean is buy a replica shirt from Soccer World and watch them in their local pub or on their sofa.

I don't mind though. Given the choice between a cold Tuesday night away to Exeter to see a dull defeat or going yay when an overpaid players scores. There really is no competition.
I am also on Twitter RosieMacG6 so feel free to follow me on there.

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