Tuesday, August 09, 2011

There's Only One Jimmy Davis

Jimmy Davis only played 15 times for Swindon whilst on loan from Manchester United during 2002-03. That did not stop Davis becoming a fans' favourite which is why I find it fitting to write my tribute to him eight years to the day after his tragic death.

Jimmy Davis certainly wasn't your typical top flight player whilst on loan at the County Ground. When others think they are too good to be on loan, Jimmy did just the opposite. His  superior ability did not stop his commitment and effort being anything less than outstanding.

One of my favourite memories of him during his time at Swindon was his last game against Tranmere. Davis was given a standing ovation and massive applause as he exited the pitch; clearly leaving him overwhelmed and humbled. That moment summed Jimmy up.

Swindon fans didn't want to see him leave so soon and Davis himself was keen to remain at the County Ground. He returned to Old Trafford where he remained on the fringes of the first team squad.

Such were his performances, that the following season Swindon were keen to once more capture him on loan. However, it was obvious he was destined for greater things and attracted the interest of Championship side Watford.

Injury prevented Davis from making in his Watford debut on the opening game of the season. As we will all remember, Jimmy tragically died in a car crash whilst travelling to Watford to watch his new team-mates play against Coventry.

The Watford game was called off on the hearing of this tragic news and it eventually made its way to the County Ground. Town lost 3-2 Sheffield Wednesday that afternoon but it didn't matter, it was only a game when a young man had just lost his life.

His family attended our home game against Notts County where we beat them 4-0. A fitting tribute for a fantastic player. If you never knew how much he loved it at Swindon, you certainly knew it that afternoon after hearing his mother's tribute. Chants of 'There's only one Jimmy Davis' were certainly moving.

Since, very few have been as good as Jimmy was in the red of Swindon. Writing this, tears have stemmed down my face just like they did eight years so I will stop at this. I thank you Jimmy Davis for the memories and you will never be forgotten.

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