Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Class Support

Swindon Town may not be the biggest team or in fact get even close to that accolade. However one aspect of the club I can never fault is the support. The red army continues it's strong support come rain or shine.

Last season, we had the 7th highest average home attendance; certainly no mean feat when finishing rock bottom. Ex-Premiership sides Southampton, Sheffield Wednesday and Charlton completed the top three. High-flying Huddersfield took 4th spot whilst Plymouth and MK Dons just pipped us at the finishing line.

This year looks like it will be no different having already sold over 4,000 season tickets. With one month left of these current prices, I live more in expectation than hope of the figure rising.

I should imagine some would say so what. Well as the figure stands now, it will beat the total average attendances of twelve League Two teams; one of them teams included eventual runner-ups Bury.

If I was a betting girl, I would say only recently relegated Plymouth Argyle and Bradford would be capable of getting more through the turnstiles than Town this season.

I will be one of those returning to the County Ground just as I do every August. Only 67  days to the first game of the season; not that I'm counting. Here's hoping with the assistance of a good 12th man we will have a sucessful, League One bound season.

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